Configuring a rule basically means to add elements to the rule.

This page contains some general configuration information and usage information.

Adding Elements to a Rule

(info) Available actions will appear once you hover over an element.

Clicking on the  will open the sidebar for adding another element to the rule.

Clicking on the  button beside an element will open the sidebar for reconfiguring it.

Clicking on the  button will delete this element and any nested elements that have been added.


You cannot add further elements to an action element

Indentation, and the associated vertical lines make it much easier to see the vertical order of processing elements.

Indentation occurs whenever an element is added directly to a condition or selector.

Reordering Elements using Drag'n'Drop

When hovering over a an element's name the arrow cross symbol indicates an element is available for drag'n'drop meaning it can be moved within a rule.

In general, all elements except triggers can be moved. When starting to drag an element by clicking and holding the left mouse button, potential (valid) drop targets are marked with a + symbol.

When an element is moved to the drop target the icon changes indicating the current selection. Releasing the mouse button finally drops the element.

Adjusting the sidebar

The sidebar can be completely expanded by clicking the expand icon in the upper right-hand corner of the sidebar for a smooth item configuration.

Clicking on the button next to the item name in the sidebar will collapse the sidebar.

Collapse and expand  Element configurations

Clicking on an element will collapse/ expand that element and all nested elements.

Searching for Elements

Search for specific elements by using the search bar.

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