Save time on repetitive tasks

When an issue is created, 3 sub-tasks - named Documentation, Marketplace and Newsletter - are added to this issue.

Set up reminders

Every morning at 01:00 am, all issues where the re-submission date 'Reminder' has been reached are re-transitioned to 'Open' status.

Arrange your duties

When an issue is transitioned to 'Draft' status, the issue is assigned to the last assignee from the project role 'Developers'.

Don't miss your deadlines - Escalate

Every morning at 01:00 am, all issues where the due date has been reached are transitioned to Escalated status.

Distribute your work

When an issue is created, sub-tasks for each option selected in the 'Checkbox' custom field are added.

Streamline your release management

When a version is released, all issues that contain this version within their 'Fix Version/s' field are transitioned to 'Done' status.

Improve your data quality

When the priority is changed, all sub-tasks will be updated accordingly.

Avoid redundant work

When a parent issue is rejected, all sub-tasks are transitioned to 'Reject' status accordingly.

Keep your users on track

When the priority is changed to 'Blocker', a comment will be added with a user mention alerting the project lead.

Automate your processes

When the assignee is changed to a user in the 'Developers' project role, the issue is transitioned to 'In Development' status.

Keep your users on track

Every monday at 01:00 am, a comment mentioning the assignee is added to every unresolved issue that hasn't been updated for more than 30 days.

Build trackable work packages

When all options of the 'Checkbox' custom field are ticked, the issue is resolved and transitioned to 'Done' status.

Ensure your data quality

When the 'Number field' custom field is changed in a sub-task, the corresponding field in the parent, representing the sum of those field values, gets updated with the newly calculated result.

Track issues mentioned in comments

When a comment is added to an issue, mentioning one or multiple issue keys, those issues are linked to the current issue.

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