Jira Workflow Toolbox Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens when the license expires? Will the add-on be disabled?

Jira Workflow Toolbox doesn’t stop working if license is not renewed, since license ownership is perpetual. Your original purchase includes 12 months of maintenance. To continue receiving upgrades and support after the initial 12 months, you can renew your maintenance for 50% of the original purchase price. You can purchase maintenance for up to 36 additional months at any time.

When you renew your Jira Workflow Toolbox license, the maintenance period always begins counting since the end of last maintenance period. You can't renew your license past one year of the end of last maintenance period. In that case you have to buy a new license.

Do I need a Jira Workflow Toolbox license for each instance of Jira?

Yes. Jira Workflow Toolbox is licensed for single Jira instances. This means if you have separately licensed Jira instances, each instance requires its own add-on licenses as well.

If you have a Jira Data Center running on multiple servers, we count this as one instance.

If you have separate Jira developer instances, you can use developer licenses for your add-ons for development and testing. You can get Jira Workflow Toolbox developer licenses at https:my.atlassian.com.