Dear JWT for Jira Cloud customers,

in December 2019 we launched JWT for Jira Cloud as a free app. The main intention was to gather feedback from you to identify:

  • what you like most about the Cloud version
  • which features we should focus on in our roadmap

The feedback so far has been great and we would like to thank you for your honest opinions.

Based on this feedback we have identified the following key areas we will focus on in our short-term roadmap:

  • Custom field support 
  • Extended support for Jira expressions 
  • JWT parser function support

On the long run, our goal is to achieve feature parity between the Cloud and Server/Data Center version of the app.

To achieve that goal and become the one-stop-shop for workflow customization for Jira Cloud we have already invested heavily.

To be able to continue our efforts to constantly ship more functionality and provide the level of support that our Server and Data Center customers have come to love over the last years, we have decided to change the current subscription model.

What does that mean?

Effective since April 2020 JWT for Jira Cloud is a commercial app with the following pricing structure:

User tierMonthly price
1-10 users$ 5monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users$ 1per user/month
101 - 250 users$ 0.5per user/month
> 250 users$ 0.25per user/month

Team sizeMonthly priceAverage price/user
1-10$ 5n/a (flat fee)
20$ 20$ 1
50$ 50$ 1
75$ 75$ 1
100$ 100$ 1
200$ 150$ 0.75 
500$ 237.5$ 0.48
750$ 300$ 0.4
1000$ 362,5$ 0.36
2000$ 612.5$ 0.31
5000$ 1,362.5$ 0.27

Grace period for early adopters

All customers who have installed JWT for Jira Cloud prior to the pricing change will get an early adopter bonus - you will be able to use the service of the app for another 3 months without purchasing a subscription.

This grace period will end on July 31st 2020

We value your feedback

Customer needs drive the direction of our development. If you want to contribute your ideas, suggest features or simply have questions we are here to support you