Are you used to working with our Server and Data Center application? Due to the Jira Cloud architecture, there are some unique features and technical limitations in JWT for Jira Cloud as opposed to the Server and DC version.

Condition and Validators

Post functions

  • Post functions are executed asynchronously as a background job. This means that the status is already set to the target status, even if the post functions of the transition have not yet been fully executed
  • The Jira Cloud API does not provide any way to return a message in case of errors being thrown during the execution
  • The order in which post functions are executed is not guaranteed. Post functions will very likely be executed in a different order than they have been set up in the workflow configuration. ((warning) Please keep that in mind when configuring post functions relying on results of a different post function)
  • If a post function cannot be executed due to misconfiguration or other problems, the transition and all other configured post functions will still be executed.

Automation rules

Calculated custom fields

  • The additional custom field types available for Server and Data Center are currently not implemented in JWT for Jira Cloud.

Expression parser functions

  • The constantly growing number of expression parser functions will successively be added to JWT for Jira Cloud - see the full list of available functions here.

Classic projects only!

Next-gen projects are the newest projects in Jira Software Cloud. They are perfect for small, autonomous teams that want to jump in and get started quickly, without the need for a Jira admin. 

Due to the nature of team-managed projects all workflow related enhancements provided by JWT for Jira Cloud are only available for workflows being managed in company-managed projects.