We constantly improve the app and add new features.

To be as transparent as possible about what's happening around the app we decided to share an overview of our product roadmap with you.

We encourage you to send us your valued feedback in the app or through our support portal and influence the development of the product so it covers your needs.

Working on

Automated migration

In order to make migration from on-prem as smooth as possible, we are working intensively on an automated solution that addresses this complex topic.

In the work

Additional post functions

We will be adding additional post functions to the product to extend the functionality of JWT for Jira Cloud.

Adding new expression parser functions

To close the gap to the on-prem version of JWT, we will further work on providing further expression parser functions.

Simple conditions & validators

We will add further conditions and validators that will allow you to implement even complex use cases with point-and-click ease.