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  • We are happy to announce that Space Admin for Confluence is now officially compatible with Confluence Data Center!

New features


  • The Space Admin Browser toolbar now floats when the page tree is too large
  • General UI improvements
  • Pages can now be renamed while copying them
  • Child pages can now be ordered in ascending as well as descending order
  • Page templates can be renamed when copying them
  • Copying and renaming page templates can now be done via the context menu
  • Performance optimizations for user and group pickers
  • The context menus now only show available actions

Bug fixes

  • The space logo was broken in the space's copy dialog
  • Selecting multiple spaces and trying to copy them resulted in an error
  • Not all options from the toolbar were available in the context menu
  • Button highlighting did not work properly
  • Displaying labels in the detail view increased the height of each tree element
  • Adding labels to templates did not work properly
  • The progress of long tasks was not updated correctly in some cases

Find more Release Notes in our Version History section.

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