The installation can be easily managed by using the UPM in Confluence. After the successful installation, the app will be available for the usage by all users without further configuration by the administrator.

Space Admin settings 


With Space Admin 2.0.0, Permission Management has become easier than before.

You now have an extra configuration area for admins in the general settings of Confluence.

If no settings were configured, everybody who can see a space, can see Space Admin. This access can be restricted to space administrators by activating the checkbox above.

In addition, Space Admin can be activated for particular groups or users. They will still be tied to the space permissions in the individual spaces. So if a user is allowed to see Space Admin but has no permission to change something in this space, he cannot make any changes to it, but can visualize the space tree.

The view setting defines how Space Admin initially appears when it gets launched. The detail view can be enabled by default or the display of dots and stripes in Space Admin. These options can be modified anytime by the user who's working with Space Admin. The settings will automatically be reset when reloading the Space Admin Browser.

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