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Space Admin for Confluence is an App which offers several ways to manage spaces including pages, attachments, blogs and much more.

A clear tree structure gives an overview of the whole space - including child pages. The pages are managed in real time.

The following features are offered by Space Admin for Confluence:

  • Copy whole spaces
  • Copy pages in/excluding child pages
  • Copy pages out of several spaces
  • Compare two pages
  • Delete spaces
  • Delete multiple pages
  • Delete pages in/excluding child pages
  • Delete pages final without saving them in the trash
  • Rename spaces or pages
  • Set a new homepage
  • Create new pages
  • Order pages in spaces using drag-and-drop
  • Create a new version of a page
  • Use the detailview to manage attachments, templates, blogs and the trash
  • Edit labels
  • Edit permissions for one or multiple spaces

Space Admin Browser 

Through the Space Admin Browser all provided functions can be accessed.

The Space Admin Browser allows the selection of one, multiple or all spaces in the Confluence instance. In order to select a given space, at least the view space permission is needed.

The functions are only available if the selection(s) fulfill the conditions e.g. the compare pages function is only available if there has been selected two pages.

Accessing Space Admin Browser

There are several different ways to navigate to the Space Admin Browser:

Entering the Browser via administration

Entering the Browser via the page's task menu

Entering the Browser via the content tools

Adding a space to the Space Admin Browser

Adding a space to the Space Admin Browser can be done via the drop-down menu in the upper toolbar.

It can also be searched for spaces by typing in their names.

Alternatively all spaces can be added by clicking the Add all Spaces button.

Shortcut list 

Pressing B while viewing a page opens the Space Admin Browser for the current space expanded to the current page.

Versions prior to 1.4.2 use the AD shortcut.

General actions




Select all visible elements in the Space Admin browser

DelDelete selected entities (spaces, pages, attachment version, comment, posts)
EscSelect nothing; deselect everything
NCreate a new page as child of the selected space or page

Actions in Space Admin Browser for spaces and pages



F2Rename a page or a space
CCopy a page or a space
PView, edit or compare Permissions of a space or spaces

Actions for pages, attachments, comments and blog posts



MMove a page to another place
HSet a new Homepage
LOpen the label editor to work on labels
VGet a preview of the selected page/post/comment

Compare two pages with each other

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