Space Admin allows easier management of blogs in Confluence.

(warning) For managing blog posts the detail view has to be activated.

Convert Blogs into Pages

Blogs can be converted to a new page by selecting them and using the context menu.

In the opening popup window a target space, a parent page and a title of the page have to be chosen.

Rename Blogs


Since version 2.2.0 it is possible to rename blog posts.

This can be done by

  • pressing the F2 button
  • using the context menu
  • clicking the button in the menu bar
  • using the Edit menu

Move Blogs

Moving a blog can be done by selecting the blog and using the context menu.

After that a target space has to be selected.

Convert Pages into Blogs

In addition it is possible to convert pages into blog posts by selecting the specific page and using the context menu.

Finally, a target space and a title of the page has to be selected.

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