The menu

The Space Admin Browser offers different menus for a quick interaction with spaces and pages.

Browser menu

The section Browser provides all options regarding general actions in your Space Admin Browser. You can refresh the tree, expand all pages, collapse the tree, add all spaces or clear the Space Admin Browser.

Edit menu

The Edit section allows to work on pages or spaces. Depending on what entity is selected, options are available or not. It is possible to rename, move, copy, publish or delete a page or space.

Selection menu

The selection menu contains everything which has to do with choosing groups of pages or spaces. There can be everything, only pages, only spaces and nothing selected. If there is a page pre-selected, all child pages can be selected by clicking the Children button. The Invert button will deselect everything selected and will select everything that wasn't selected before. 

In addition the trees of selected spaces or pages can be expanded and collapsed. 

Content menu

The content menu provides options to create new pages and spaces. Pages will be created underneath the current selected page/space. 

In a space a new homepage can be defined. This is the page shown first if you call a space.

Also the trash can be purged. A dialog will ask, if you're sure to delete all content of the trash.

(warning) All deleted items from the trash cannot be restored.

Further it is possible to edit the permissions of the selected space. 

The labels option allows to add, remove and set labels of a page.

Further you are able to edit the permissions of the selected space. View Permissions 1.2.0 for further information.

The labels option allows you to add, remove and set labels for a page. If a label gets set, all existing labels for this page will be removed.

(info) For editing labels the right permission is needed.

View menu

The view menu provides options to configure the view on things in your Space Admin Browser. 

The detail view will show attachments and comments, if existing, for each page. The trash will be shown same as blogs and templates. There is the possibility to delete attachments and comments right in the Space Admin Browser without entering the page itself. Same with blog entries and templates. The deleted objects will be collected in the trash. 

The option to show page restrictions will mark pages red if restrictions are existing. 

The compare option can be used if 2 pages are selected. This option will display changes on the pages

The toggle dots and toggle stripes can be switched on permanently from the administration. With these options it is possible to turn them on or off. These will aid you in viewing large trees: 

The Open option will open the page in the same window. The Preview will open an extra window on top of the Space Admin Browser. Links are disabled in this view.

Context menu 

Space Admin provides flexibility for managing spaces, by adding a context menu to tree elements.

The menu can be entered by using the right mouse key. Depending on which entity is chosen, different options are available.

The following images display an example of a page context menu and a space context menu.

Page context menu

Space context menu

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