Our biggest feature release (yet): now supporting boards, queues and Issue Matrix as the first 3rd party app -

New features


  • Minor UI updates, e.g. new icons and thumbnails
  • Renaming of gadgets and custom fields
  • Redesigned global configuration page
  • Completely revised documentation

Bug fixes

  • Gadget titles were displayed incorrectly when using special characters
  • Enabling the permanent sumrow did not work properly under certain circumstances
  • Gadgets returned NullPointerExceptions when using the Field Security Plugin for Jira
  • Gadgets returned double issue counts when grouping by Elements Connect custom fields

With sumUp 3.5.0, the way gadget titles are stored had to be changed, due to technical changes regarding the general behavior of gadgets.

This may cause the original gadget titles to become corrupted and replaced by special characters on a few systems.

Unfortunately there is no known workaround and the only fix involves reassigning the gadget title.

Find more Release Notes in our Version History section.