The app can easily be downloaded through the Atlassian Marketplace.

xCharts can be tested for 30 days. After this free trial the app has to be bought.

The app is available only for Jira Server platform.

Once followed the instructions and installed the app to Jira, xCharts is ready to work.

After the installation a Charts tab will appear in the Jira navigation bar.

By clicking on this tab, from the following functions can be chosen:

Administrative functions

Manage Permissions

General Permissions can be granted by administrators on the Manage Permissions page, or individually for Chart Templates, and charts created based on Chart Templates.

In the Manage Permissions page, xCharts distinguishes between Global Chart Permissions and Scripted Chart Permissions.

Global Chart Permissions

As seen on the screenshot:

  • View permissions can be granted to all logged in users as well as specific users or user groups.
  • Write permissions can be granted to specific users or user groups.

Scripted Chart Permissions

Permissions regarding Scripted Charts are managed separately.

View and write permissions can be granted to specific users or user group.

The following table shows the available permissions for each chart type (built-in, scripted) and chart templates:

Chart typeReadWrite

Chart with parameters



Chart without parameters

Chart Template(error)


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