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This function has been renamed with the JWT 3.0 release. 

Find the new documentation at:

Move issue



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titlesince version 2.5.0

The Move issues post function allows you to move a standard an issue type to a different project or , issue type . Both the target issue type and workflow status must be available in the target project. The or status inside a workflow transition. This post function must be the last post function of inside a transition.

The following options are available:

  1. Project (Select the target project.)Retain the project
  2. Select a project from a dropdown list
  3. Enter a custom parser expression
  4. Issue type (Select the target issue type.)
  5. Retain the issue type
  6. Select an issue type from a dropdown list
  7. Enter a custom parser expression
  8. Status (Select the target status.)
  9. Retain the status
  10. Select a status from a dropdown list
  11. Enter a custom parser expression
  12. Set fields (Select additional fields to be set)
  13. Additional actions 
    1. It is possible to show a meaningful error message and stop the execution of the entire transition should the post function fail. 
      titlesince version 2.6.0
    2. It is possible to execute the post function with a custom delay after current transition has finished. 
      titlesince version 2.7.0
  14. .)
  15. Conditional execution (Optional boolean expression that should be satisfied in order to actually execute the post function.)
  16. Run as (Select the user that will be used to execute the post function)
WarningMoving individual sub-tasks is currently not supported
  1. .
Sub-tasks can only be moved in sync with their their parent issue.When moving a parent issue make sure that the valid configurations (issue type and workflow statuses
  1. )
for all sub-taks issues exist in the target project.

(info) In case the configuration is incorrectnot correct, e.g. the issue type is not available in the target project or the target status is not available for the new issue type, the post function will be skipped. Optionally you can decide whether you want to display an error and abort the execution of the entire transition.nothing will happen.

Example: Moving current issue to project


Accounting and converting it into a Task issue type

In this example we show how to configure the Move issues post function for moving the current issue to the project DevelopmentACCOUNTING, and at the same time converting it from any issue type into Taska Task.

Image RemovedImage Added

We are conditioning the execution of the post function to the presence of any of the following components in the issue: "Budget", "Payment" or "Cash". To execute the post function unconditionally, the field  Conditional execution should execution should remain empty.

We are also adding the string "(moved from project <original_project_key>)" to the summary of the moved issue, and leaving the following commentautomatically creating a comment like this: "The issue was moved from project <original_project_key> by <user_who_executes_the_post-function> on <date_time_of_issue_moving>."

Once configured, the Move issues the post function will look like this:

Image RemovedImage Added

(info)(info) Note that the post function has to be moved to the last position of the post function sequence. Otherwise , otherwise nothing will happen.

(info)(info) After the execution of the post function you might need to refresh your browser in order to view the the issue fully updated to the new project and issue type.