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Dec 13,



Data Security and Privacy Statement for Decadis AG Atlassian Marketplace Apps  ("xApps")


We adhere to strict policies to guarantee the security and privacy of customer data, especially pertaining to the only personal customer information we store - full name and e-mail address.

This Data Security and Privacy Statement augments the overall Decadis AG Privacy policy in relation to Decadis AG apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace. 


The Decadis AG provides a number of Software Products ("xApps", apps) apps that are made available through the Atlassian Marketplace, either for Atlassian Server products or Data Center products (hereafter referred to as server apps) running on clients' IT - systems, or hosted service Cloud apps for Atlassian Cloud products.

This Data Security and Privacy Statement will provide you with an overview of the collection and processing of your data for both Cloud cloud and Server server apps.

Data Security

We maintain technical and organizational measures in order to ensure data security, in particular for the protection of customer personal data.


Data storage

None of our server apps collect or store any customer data from your Jira instance locally. Our

Our cloud apps will store access logs that are deleted periodically. Any customer data generated by the use of our apps will only be stored customer-specific app configurations in the corresponding Atlassian Cloud or Server product . Please (please see the Atlassian Security practices or the Atlassian Privacy Policy for further information).

Additionally we store data on the server our app services are running on. Currently this includes:

All apps
  • Access logs that are deleted periodically 
Jira Workflow Toolbox Cloud
  • Rule configurations and historical changes including a timestamp and a account / user ID
  • Execution logs including a timestamp and account / user ID as well as load data, if applicable
  • Since we store information of each rule configuration it is specifically prohibited to store personal data (except the account / user ID) as meta information in any rule configuration. It is generally recommended using user IDs instead of display names or full names.

Support data

As an active or potential customer, you may register in one or more of our dedicated xApps Service Desks in order to submit support tickets or be registered by submitting a support request per email. At that time we will store your name (if entered), email address and support details in our Service Desk systems running in the Atlassian Cloud. If the support details should include personal data, please anonymize the data beforehand. If you wish for your personal information to be removed from the Decadis xApps Service Desk(s), please contact our support team at   


Data is held only in Germany or in the Atlassian Cloud xApp Service Desks.

Access to Customer Data

Only authorized Decadis AG employees and subcontractors have access to customer account data. Subcontractors are contractually bound to the same data security and privacy standards that apply to our employees.