Since version 1.7.0 it is possible to use the xChart gadget+ for live parameter configuration. You can now update your chart configuration directly in the gadget - no need to navigate to the xCharts configuration.

Enabling live parameter configuration for charts

When creating or editing a chart, the checkbox "Live parameters" has to be checked in order to use this chart in the xChart gadget+.

(warning) Live parameter configuration is currently only available for built-in charts and reports. Scripted charts are currently not supported.

Adding the gadget to the dashboard

Simply add the xChart+ by hitting the "Add gadget" button on the dashboard and search for "xChart". The gadget might even show up directly without the need to search for it.


After adding the gadget to the dashboard, available charts to display can be selected.

(warning) Only charts with enabled "Live parameters" will be listed.

To configure the gadget simply access the live configuration by clicking on the cog icon in the upper righthand corner.

Once the configuration update is complete confirm by clicking on the "Update" button. This will directly store the changes and the gadget will be immediately updated.

(warning) Changing the chart by using the live parameters will not affect the initial chart configuration. The changes made will be saved per user. Other users have the possibility to change the chart with live parameters according to their needs without interfering with the configuration of other users.

The chart can be easily reset by clicking on the "Restore to defaults" button.

(warning) Currently only the xChart gadget is supported within Confluence.

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