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"Small step for a validator, giant leap for Jira users"

- Show a red asterisk * and a custom error message next to fields that are only required in a specific transition -

New features

  • The Field is/isn't initialized validator was renamed to Fields required or changed
  • The Field is/isn't initialized condition was renamed to Fields required
  • The Fields required or changed validator and the Fields required condition can now validate multiple fields
  • The field/s configured as required in the Fields required or changed validator is/are marked with an asterisk (*) in the transition screen


  • An optional delayed execution was added to the Move issues post function
  • In the Send mail post function all the inactive users and email addresses with an incorrect format are filtered out  

Bug fixes

  • A Null-Pointer Exception was thrown in the Create issues post function while copying options from deleted custom fields
  • The addDaysSkippingWeekends function ran into a timeout for large numbers
  • The selected issue type was not set in the corresponding select element while editing a Move issues post function
  • The Move issues post function produced corrupt issues when the status was changed without changing the workflow
  • The Field is/isn't initialized or has/hasn't been modified validator did not work properly for text fields with multiple lines in Chrome browser
  • The Move issues post function used to move an issue to a selected project with a retained issue type even though that issue type was not available in the target project

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