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New features

  • New post function: "Update issue fields" (formerly known as Write fields on issues returned by JQL query or issue list)
    • New target issue selection options: Current Issue, Parent Issue, Linked Epic, and many more)
    • Simple selection of target field values: (Single Select, Multi Select, Priorities, Resolutions, Components, ...)
    • Easily purge field values with the new built-in "Clear field value" option
  • Expression Parser Test page
    • A completely new page in the administration interface to evaluate parser expressions - test against existing issues in real time without any risk
    • Supports basicmixedadvanceddate/time/number und logical mode
    • Write and test your expressions including syntax highlighting and syntax check
  • New Parser Functions:
    • dateTimeToString(number t, string date_time_pattern , timeZone time_zone, language) : string
    • htmlToTxt(string s) : string
    • projectKeys() : string list
    • projectKeys(string category) : string list
    • projectName(string project_key) : string
    • projectCategory(string project_key) : string

Details can be found here: Expression Parser's documentation page.


    • Create multiple issues with various issue types in a single post function
    • Dynamically inherit the issue type from the issue firing the transition 
    • Create both standard and sub-task issue types
  • New parameter "timezone" added to Display Format configuration of Calculated Date-Time fields.

Bug fixes

  • Functions addTimeSkippingWeekends(), addTimeSkippingWeekends(), addDaysSkippingWeekends(), addDaysSkippingWeekends(), subtractDatesSkippingWeekends() and subtractDatesSkippingWeekends() return inaccurate results under certain circumstances. All functions were completely rewritten using "SDG".
  • Functions dateToString() and dateTimeToString() ignore input parameter timezone.
  • TransitionOptions did not work in delayed transitions

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