[2014-08-15] Released Jira Workflow Toolbox 2.1.20

New features

  • Added 16 new powerful functions to the Expression's Parser for referencing linked issues, subtasks and their field values. More details at Expression Parser.
  • 10 new virtual fields: (more details at Virtual Fields)
    • Execute transition
    • Execute transition (delayed execution)
    • Issue status category
    • Previous issue status
    • Previous issue status category
    • Creator
    • Creator's full name
    • Creator's email
    • Add to time spent (minutes)
    • Work logged in transition (minutes)
  • Custom field type "Issue Picker" is now supported. You can set them with a comma separated list of issue keys, and you can use prefixes '+' and '-' to add or remove issues to curren value of the field.


  • Writing on fields "Issue status", "Issue status (delayed writing)", "Resolution" is now case insensitive. If you have values for these fields only differing in the case (like "Open" and "OPEN"), assignments will keep respecting the case.
  • Values returned by virtual fields "Issue status", "Priority", "Resolution", and "Issue type" now returns the translated name in Jira's default language. Until now the value returned was the user's default language translated name, making the value dependent on each user. This resulted problematic when doing comparisons.
  • Project Pickers can be assigned a value using project keys and project names.
  • Writing string "null" or "unassigned" into virtual fields "Assignee", "Reporter", "Priority", "Resolution", "Due Date" and "Security Level" will unset these fields.
  • Important refactorization of Expression's Parser and javascript code to improve maintainability.

Fixed bugs

  • Auto-transition of an issue by writing into its own virtual field "Issue status (delayed writing)" wasn't working in Jira 6.
  • Automatic parsing mode converter in post-function Copy parsed text to a field was not working correctly when cascading select fields where used.
  • Virtual field "Time spent (minutes)" setting wasn't working.
  • Workflows with global transitions became temporarily non-editable in certain circumstances.
  • Writing on a Select Field, Check Box, Multi-Select, etc. without options configured was throwing an exception.
  • Problems showing Copy parsed text to a field post-function configuration in advanced parsing mode.