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  • Group picker performance improvement (now using AJAX search instead of preloading all groups)
  • The position of a post function does no longer affect its functionality except delayed issue transitions

Bug fixes

  • Update issue fields post function: Using the standard type threw an error when updating a single group picker custom field
  • Check project property condition did always return false for empty properties
  • 3rd party integration: Power Custom Fields Premium app support stopped working
  • Security Level through Update issue fields post function caused unreadable issues under certain circumstances
  • Compare text validator did not work with multiline text
  • Some functions related to custom fields were broken after updating to version 2.5.0
  • The function previousValue did not always return the correct value for system fields
  • Condition Transition is triggered by Bulk Operation did not work correctly
  • Previous issue status field was not updated during the transition
  • Editing a field's value in several post functions showed null in the configuration view
  • The field Epic name did return the issue key of the epic instead of the name