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"Building the best processes to support your teams."

- Automation rules are now available within Jira Workflow Toolbox -

A year ago we released our app Automation Toolbox to not only enable you to automate your daily work in Jira workflows but also match your business processes with automation rules listening to Jira's various events like field, issue, project, and system events.

With the release of Jira Workflow Toolbox 2.9.0, Automation Toolbox will become an integral part of Jira Workflow Toolbox because we decided you should not need two apps for one common goal: Building the best processes to support your teams.

But it is not just a merge... it's a match!

With the merge of the two products, Jira Workflow Toolbox has become the complete automation solution for your Jira on Server and Data Center platforms. The name remains the same, but now you can go way beyond your Jira workflows.

New features


  • A Get started page was added to serve as a central hub for accessing all JWT-related functions
  • An option to suppress the default Jira email subject prefix was added to the Send an email post function 

Bug fixes

  • Setting components did not work properly when using special characters within component names
  • Cascading select list field names were not resolved correctly within our view screens
  • Post functions using the Target issue parameter could result in corrupt snapshots for Botron's Configuration Manager for Jira
  • The Field required or changed validator did not show the red asterisk for certain field types
  • The Transition issues post function lost certain parameters when it was being edited