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This feature is provided in two flavors: condition and validator. Its purpose is checking whether user (or users) contained in a custom field or a system field are (or are not) in a certain Project Role.

Supported Custom Fields

The following custom fields types are supported:

  • JIRA native User Picker (single user) : selected users must meet the condition
  • JIRA native User Picker (multiple users) : all selected users must meet the condition
  • JIRA native Group Picker (single group) : all users in the selected group must meet the condition
  • JIRA native Group Picker (multiple groups) : all users in all selected groups must meet the condition
  • User picker from project role custom field provided by Issue Alternative Assignee app
  • Transition Caller Field custom field provided by JIRA Misc Custom Fields app
  • User Picker - per Group custom field provided by User Group Picker app
  • SIL User Picker custom field provided by User Group Picker PRO app

Supported System Fields

Also system fields containing users are also available for checking:

  • Current User
  • Assignee
  • Reporter
  • Creator
  • Project Leader
  • Last commenter
  • Watchers
  • Components leaders

In subtasks, the same kinds of fields for parent issue are also available:

  • Parent's assignee
  • Parent's reporter
  • Parent's creator
  • Parent's project leader
  • Parent's last commenter
  • Parent's watchers
  • Parent's components leaders

Example: Watchers are supposed to be at least in one of selected project roles "Developers", "Testers" and "Service Desk Team"

Example of configuration for requiring "Watchers" being at least in one of the following project roles "Developers", "Testers" and "Service Desk Team":

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