ūüöĬ†Effective since¬†April 2020¬†and JWT version 2.9.0 Automation Toolbox for Jira is fully integrated into our top rated app Jira Workflow Toolbox (JWT).¬†ūüöÄ

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Use case

Sometimes resolving issues depends on fields set to a specific value. In this case, the issue is automatically resolved and transitioned to "Done" when all options of the checkbox custom field are ticked.

Field changed event

Create a new rule and name it appropriately.

Providing a description will help you to identify what the rule does but this step is optional.

Add a Trigger → Field changed event


Choose your checkbox custom field

Changed to*

Choose Any value

No further configuration needed. The automation rule is triggered every time an issue is being transitioned.

Boolean condition

Add Condition ‚Üí Boolean condition

Use the following Parser Expression*:

numberOfSelectedItems(%{trigger.issue.c11500}) = numberOfAvailableItems(%{trigger.issue.cf11500})
#Replace field code with the field code of your custom field. Use the field dropdown to automatically insert the field code
 more info...

Transition issue action

Add Action ‚Üí Transition issue


Choose Transition to status → Done

The target status has to be reachable from the current status, otherwise, the action will not be executed.

Enable the rule by clicking on the Enable button → 


This is how the configuration above should look on your screen

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