[2015-10-28] Released Jira Workflow Toolbox 2.2.1

New Features

  • Added new parser functions:
siblingSubtasks() : issue list Returns the list of sibling subtasks of current issue, i.e., all subtasks with the same parent as current issue, except current issue. In case current issue is not a subtask, an empty issue list will be returned. Note that siblingSubtasks() is equivalent to subtasks(%{00041}) EXCEPT issueKeysToIssueList(%{00015}), where %{00041} is Parent's issue key and %{00015} is Issue key.
siblingSubtasks(issue list issues) : issue list Returns the list of sibling subtasks of issues in argument issues, provided they are subtasks. Duplicated issues in argument issues are discarded.
siblingSubtasks(string issue_keys) : issue list Returns the list of sibling subtasks of issues whose keys are in issue_keys, provided they are subtasks. Argument issue_keys is a comma separated list of issue keys. Duplicated issue keys in argument issue_keys are discarded.


  • A text box has been included in " Add a comment" post-function, this way the body of the comment can be directly input in the post-function, instead of using a previous post-function for writing it into an ephemeral string field.
  • Issue #176: Added cursor position information in expression's editor, in order to find parsing errors more easily.
  • Added two new configuration parameters to " Parse field for extracting data" post-function:
    • Include the leading delimiter in the output
    • Include the trailing delimiter in the output

Bug Fixes

  • Issue #178: Parent issue not being reindexed after being updated after having written a "Parent's..." virtual field.
  • " Set a field as a function of other fields" didn't manage correctly some errors when extremely bad formed setting rules were entered.
  • Issue #176: Expresion's editor was inserting a third double quote (") character after having entered string "".
  • " Block or hide a transition for an issue depending on its issue links" and parser's functions related to issue links (linkedIssues(), transitionLinkedIssues() and transitivelyLinkedIssues()) were not detecting "Epic-Story" special issue link created or updated in transition screen or during issue creation.
  • Javascript bug on " Add a comment" post-function in relation to selection of visibility restriction.