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Post-function Parse field for extracting data is aimed to make it possible for a workflow transition to extract specific pieces of information from a field by means of parsing the field's value.

It uses delimiters or/and format specifications of the value to be extracted for selecting the data fragments that will be extracted from the field's value.

Example: Extracting email address from comment and write it to a custom field

This is an example of the post-function's configuration for extracting an email address from the last comment of an issue and writing it into a custom field called "Email". The email is expected to be preceded by string "SENDER = ", with an uncertain number of spaces and ignoring the case. This is the configuration to do it:

Leading delimiter: SENDER\s*=\s*

Once configured, post-function's configuration look like this:

An example of the result of the execution of this post-function:

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