🚀 JWT 3.0 is out 🚀 

The app was completely overhauled, and so was the documentation: Jira Workflow Toolbox (Server/Data Center) Home

The page you are viewing is still valid for all app versions prior to 3.0.

[2017-10-25] Released Jira Workflow Toolbox 2.2.43

New features

  • New virtual field "Available transitions" which returns a comma separated list with the names of all the transitions with origin in current issue status.


  • Virtual field "Current transition", when used by conditions, returned a comma separated list with the names of the transitions with origin in current issue status, but when used by validations and conditions only returned the name of current transition. Now, it behaves in conditions as in validations and post-functions.

    WARNING!: If you are currently using field "Current transition" in conditions (not validators nor post-functions), you should replace it with field "Available transitions" in order to keep the exact same behavior.
  • Issue #656 - Up to version 2.2.42 function earliestUnreleasedVersion() sorts versions only by Release date. Since version 2.2.43 it also sorts by Start date when Release dates are equal.
  • Issue #598 - Parameter "Project Key" has been renamed to "Project Key/Name" in post-function Create issues and sub-tasks, so that the string expression expected when this option is selected, can return either a project key or a project name.

Bug fixes

  • Issue #781 - Function datePart() fails when argument is null.
  • Issue #830 - Bug when trying to set certain system user fields (like *Reporter*) directly using the value of a User Picker custom field.
  • Issue #859 - When showing the value of a Date Picker custom field as a string, we can get different dates (1 day apart) if the user who is running the feature has a different timezone than the user who gave value to the field.