Field code


Returned value

Visibility restriction  of the last comment  (info)

Output data type


Example outputjira-administrators

This field can be used to check for visibility restrictions of the last comment. The output will be the  group or project role the visibility of the last comment is restricted to.

If no restriction is applied to the comment or there is no comment present yet, this field returns an empty text.

For service projects, "Public" is returned for unrestricted (customer-visible) comments and "Internal" for internal (agent-only) ones.


Valid text input

Name of a group or project role (info)

Valid numerical input

Example inputAdministrators, jira-administrators, jsd_internal

Updates the visibility of the last comment:

DevelopersSets visibility to project role or group named Developers.
jira-developersSets visibility to the group jira-developers.

For service projects, "Public" and "Internal" (without double quotes) are available to control the visibililty among agents and customers. Alternatively, you can use  jsd_public and jsd_internal to avoid name collision with existing project roles and user groups.

jsd_internalSets the service project visibility to Internal.