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For readability reasons, we only refer to Data Center or DC on the following pages, but explicitly include Server here unless otherwise mentioned.

Migrating from Data Center to Cloud is not a trivial task - and JWT's configuration is no exception. Basically, workflow extensions provided by 3rd party apps are incompatible between Data Center and Cloud due to fundamental technical differences between those two platforms.

The two main challenges in this area are

  • the general availability of features on both sides and
  • the (automated) mapping of these features.

As of today, we're still working on both areas. 

Important notice:  we have not and will not bring all features or single functions to the Cloud.

JWT DC has grown steadily being among the first apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, and some features became since then, obsolete or have been replaced by newer, more powerful functions. However, we provide all the information needed to adequately represent all functions and thus establish feature parity between Data Center and Cloud.

Since the technical conditions for automated migration have only recently become available from Atlassian, we are planning to publish this by the end of the current year.

So what is the current state?

All the JWT configurations are stored within the workflows themselves. They are not migrated during a data migration from Jira Server/DC to Jira Cloud. So you have to recreate each workflow function in Jira Cloud.

In this documentation, we describe which JWT workflow functions are available in Jira Cloud as well and how existing JWT DC workflow functions can be migrated. That means they can be created manually in JWT Cloud using migration rules which are described in the subsequent pages.

Not all workflow functions known in JWT DC are available in JWT Cloud. The main reason being the different architecture of Jira Cloud as described in A general note about JWT for Jira Cloud , e.g. you can't rely on an execution order of post functions when transitioning an issue or you only can use Jira expressions in conditions and validators. Besides that, the Cloud platform itself is not as mature as the Server / DC platform which means that JWT Cloud app does not yet have the maturity its DC variant has. The entire team is working hard on continuously closing or at least narrowing the gap with JWT DC. 

In the further course of this page, you will find a list of all JWT DC functionalities and how they may or may not be migrated to JWT Cloud.

Cloud availability and migration instructions



JWT Cloud availability

Compare two values validator(tick)See Migrate 'Compare two values validator'.
Fields required or changed(tick)See Migrate 'Fields required or changed'.
Logical validator(warning) Mappable by Jira expression validator: see Migrate 'Logical validator'.
Users are/aren't in project role (validator)-
Validation based on JQL query-
Validation based on regular expression
Mappable byJira expression validator: see Migrate 'Validation based on regular expression'.
Validation of JWT project property-
Validation of linked issues(warning) Mappable by Jira expression validator: see Migrate 'Validation of linked issues'.
Validation of sub-tasks(warning) Mappable by Jira expression validator:  see Migrate 'Validation of sub-tasks'.
Validation on a list of issue keys-

This validator is deprecated in JWT DC and is thus not covered in this manual. 
Post functions


 JWT Cloud availability

Add comment(tick)See Migrate 'Add comment'.
Add or disable option in (multi-) select list, radio button, or checkbox field-
Add or disable option in cascading select list field-
Add or remove watchers-
Assign to project role-
Clone issue link-

This function is deprecated in JWT DC and is thus not covered in this manual. 
Condition on a list of issue keys-

This function is deprecated in JWT DC and is thus not covered in this manual. 
Copy a parsed text to a field (warning)Mappable by Update fields: see  Migrate 'Copy a parsed text to a field'.
Copy cascading select list value-
Copy excerpted value-
Copy JWT project property-
Copy JWT user property-
Copy or add custom field value to issue description(warning) 
Create issue(tick)See  Migrate 'Create issue'.
Copy field values from multiple issues-
Copy field values from linked issues or sub-tasks-
Create issue link -
Delete issue link -
Format field value-
Inhibit temporary fields' auto-clearance-

This function will be deprecated in JWT DC and is thus not covered in this manual. 
Log work-
Mathematical or date-time expression calculator(warning) Mappable by Update fields: see  Migrate 'Mathematical or date-time expression calculator'.
Move issue-
Regular expression renderer-
Send email (tick)See  Migrate 'Send email'.
Set issue reporter to current user(warning) Mappable by Update fields: see  Migrate 'Set issue reporter to current user'.
Set or create JWT project property-
Set or create JWT user property-
Transition issue(tick)See  Migrate 'Transition issue'.
Update field based on rules-
Update linked issue or sub-task(tick)See Migrate 'Update linked issue or sub-task'.
Update or copy field values(tick)See  Migrate 'Update or copy field values'.
Parser expressions
The JWT Cloud expression parser differs from the one used by JWT DC. So they need to be migrated like described in Migrate JWT parser expressions. with detailed instructions related to parsing modes, field codes, and parser functions.
Automation rules
Automation rules are and will not be part of JWT Cloud. The main reason is the availability of Atlassian's own automation engine
Calculated fields

Calculated fields are and will not be part of JWT Cloud. In order to address our target audiences even more precisely, we have decided to deliver our calculated fields functionality separately in the cloud in the form of   Smart Fields for Jira .

JWT calendars
JWT calendars are not part of JWT Cloud. This might change related to customer demand.
JWT JQL functions
JWT JQL functions are not part of JWT Cloud. This might change related to customer demand.
Temporary fields
Temporary fields are not part of JWT Cloud. This might change related to customer demand.




Extended with the comprehensive list for manual migration of all relevant elements


Updated due to the release of Smart Fields for Jira


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