Field code
{issue.temporaryNumber1} ... {issue.temporaryNumber5}


Returned valueNumber previously stored in the temporary field
Output data type


Example output10


Valid text input
A text containing base 10 representation of a number
Valid numerical input
Integers, real numbers and also any date-time fields
Example input10

There are 5 temporary number fields.

  • {issue.temporaryNumber1}
  • {issue.temporaryNumber2}
  • {issue.temporaryNumber3}
  • {issue.temporaryNumber4}
  • {issue.temporaryNumber5}

These fields are used to hold temporary numeric and date-time values returned by a post function, which can be used in a subsequent post function within the same workflow transition.

Conditions using temporary number fields:

  • JQL condition - store the number of issues returned by the JQL in the field temporary number 1.

Please note that:

  • once a transition execution has ended, all temporary fields are cleared.
  • you cannot use temporary fields to pass values from one transition to another.