Field code
%{issue.temporaryText1} ... %{issue.temporaryText5}


Returned valueText previously stored in the temporary field
Output data type


Example outputThis is a text stored temporarily


Valid text input
Unlimited text
Valid numerical input
Numbers are cast to text
Example inputThis is a text stored temporarily

There are 5 temporary text fields.

  • %{issue.temporaryText1}
  • %{issue.temporaryText2}
  • %{issue.temporaryText3}
  • %{issue.temporaryText4}
  • %{issue.temporaryText5}

These fields are used to hold temporary text values returned by a post function, which can be used in a subsequent post function within the same workflow transition.

Post functions using temporary text fields via additional options:

  • Create issue - store issue keys from the issue(s) to be created in the field temporary text 3.
  • Send email - store email information, e.g. recipients, subject or body, in the fields temporary text 1 to 5.

Please note that:

  • once a transition execution has ended, all temporary fields are cleared.
  • you cannot use temporary fields to pass values from one transition to another.