Field code


Returned valueA comma-separated list of usernames
Output data type


Example outputusername1, username2, username3


Valid text input

A comma-separated list of usernames, group names or project roles names (info)

Valid numerical input

Example inputusername1, username2, username3

Sets the watchers of an issue replacing existing watchers! If you just want to add new watchers, see New watchers.

Prefixes + and - can be used to add or remove watchers.

Albert, Richard, JohnReplaces the current watchers with users Albert, Richard and John.
+ Developers, AdministratorsAdds every user in project roles or groups Developers and Administrators as current watchers.
- Testers, Administrators, + Albert, RichardRemoves users in project roles or groups Testers and Administrators, and adds users Albert and Richard as watchers.

Use this field to add or remove watchers to linked issues, sub-tasks or issues returned by JQL.

To learn more about this writable field, check the following use cases: