The xApps library is a core component of the JWT app.

Please do not delete this app unless you want to uninstall JWT completely or unless instructed to do so by our support team.

Workflow configuration

We continuously improve JWT and the user experience. As part of this process, workflow functions will be replaced with better and more efficient alternatives. 

In this process JWT functions might get deprecated. Deprecated functions, as of today, continue to work but cannot be selected anymore. Existing deprecated functions can, however, be updated.

If you choose to re-configure a deprecated function, you can enable this feature here.

It is highly recommended to deprecated functions alternative functions. Alternatives are listed on the dedicated function overview pages.

Language configuration

You can globally define the rendering language for JWT. The rendering language defines which value will be returned when inserting field codes for system fields that possibly have been translated by a Jira administrator.

The following field codes are affected:

Changing the rendering language will break all expressions that reference system field values that can be natively translated.

ExpressionDefaultWith translation
%{issue.status} = "Open"
This logical expression might pass, if the status name is Open in the Jira default language (e.g. English).This logical expression might fail if the rendering language was updated and the translated name differs from Open (e.g "Offen" in German)
filterByIssueType(linkedIssues(), "Bug")
This expression will only return linked Bugs.This expression might not return results, if the issue type name was 

Bundled versions

Each version of Jira Workflow Toolbox comes with a specific version of the xApps library. It is recommended to use these combinations only.

The respective Jira compatibility of a xApps library version is determined by the corresponding Jira Workflow Toolbox version.

JWT versionxApps library version