Last Log comes with a REST API with the following functions:

View Log Files

Only for admins

  • <base>/rest/lastlog/1.0/log
    • List all available log files
  • <base>/rest/lastlog/1.0/log/{filename}
    • View log file {filename}
    • Parameter:
      • maxEntries: Number of lines (Integer)
      • reverse: Invert order of output (boolean)
      • query: Search string (String)
      • regex: Search by regex (boolean)
      • exclude: Exclude search string (String)
      • casesensitive: Search case sensitiv (boolean)

An example link can be found on the log page. After executing any custom search a link next to the search button will be displayed (Show only log). 

Thread Dump

 Only for sysadmins

  • <base>/rest/lastlog/1.0/threads
    • Show Thread Dump

Kill a thread

Only for sysadmins. To be used with ultimate care! Killing a thread might result in a broken instance!

  • <base>/rest/lastlog/1.0/threads/kill/{id}
    • Kill Thread with ID {id}

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