Last Log for Jira comes with a dedicated REST API. The following features can be used through the API:

  • View all log files: specify various parameters and view exactly the output you need.
  • View thread dump: if you are a Jira system administrator you can quickly access the current thread dump.
  • Kill a thread: with great power comes great responsibility - Jira system administrators can even kill a thread.
View log files

Available for Jira administrators and system administrators

List all available log files:


View a specific log file



Parameter  nameInput
maxEntriesNumber of lines (integer)
reverseInvert order of output (boolean)
querySearch string (string)
regexSearch by regex (boolean)
excludeExclude search string (string)
casesensitiveSearch case sensitive (boolean)

An example link can be found after executing a custom search.

Show thread dump

Only available for Jira system administrators.

Kill a thread

Only available for Jira system administrators.

Be careful. Killing. the wrong thread can seriously harm your instance!


If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.