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What does this gadget offer?

The Work Log Report gadget is similar to the Grouped Filter Results gadget with the difference that it sums up work logs instead of numeric custom fields.


Gadget Title

Add a custom title to the gadget for easier identification. If nothing is set, the title will be generated by combining the gadget name and the selected filter/ JQL.

Group By

Select a field that will be used to group the results on the Y-axis.

Time range

Only time logs of the selected period will be displayed.

Available options are:

  • Last month

  • Current month

  • Last week

  • Last two weeks

  • Current week

  • All

  • Custom

If Custom is selected, you either can specify specific dates of format YYYY-MM-DD or relative dates:

Number of Results

Choose how many results you want to display on your dashboard.

Refresh Interval

Specify how often the gadget should be refreshed.

If Never is selected, the gadget will only be refreshed on page reload.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.