sumUp calculated fields help you getting easily access to your relevant data calculated in one field.

Every summable value can be shown in our custom field such as story points in agile stories, total numbers in linked issues, number of issues in projects and much more.



Enter a valid JQL to grab the issues that will be used for the calculation.

In addition to the normal JQL syntax, two additional tokens can be used:

  • currentIssueKey - Will be replaced with the key of the current issue where this custom field get's viewed at
  • currentProjectKey - Will be replaced with the project key of the current issue
Calculation rule

Select a calculation rule that has been previously created.

In addition you can select Number of issues which returns the numbers of issues returned by the JQL instead of calculating a specific field value.

Show empty values

By default, the custom field won't be displayed when there is no value.

When checked, the field will be displayed with value 0.


You can specify several permissions for the custom field. If nothing is set, everybody will be able to view the custom field.

Once at least one permission is set, no one will be able to view the custom field except the selected ones.

Example configurations

Total project issues
project = currentProjectKey
sumUp RuleNumber of issues
Time Spent of linked issues & sub-tasks
issue in linkedIssues("currentIssueKey") OR parent in linkedIssues("currentIssueKey") OR issuekey = "currentIssueKey" OR parent = "currentIssueKey"
sumUp Rule

Time Spent

(info) This rule has to be created. See this page for more information.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.