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  • Along with the End of Life for Jira 7.5, the last supported version is now Jira 7.6


  • A message is displayed when exporting results to xCharts Gadget in Jira 8+ from Issue Navigator's Dashboard charts export
  • New button to Create new chart from Charts page
  • Updated English and German internationalization
  • Upgraded C3.js to v0.7.8 and D3.js to v0.5.11

Bug fixes

  • Scripted charts did not render in gadgets in version 1.7.1
  • Cancel button was misplaced after re-adding script file
  • Quick Search navigated to wrong URL in Chart Layout Script page
  • Width of bars in bar chart was very small with certain settings
  • Single Select picker did not show None after being saved
  • Charts froze when the data was big for C3 to render
  • Gauge chart main values were overlapped
  • Date Field picker did not show saved field items
  • Number labels in Time in Status chart had multiple decimal points
  • User without permission was able to see the edit chart button
  • Preview of parameters in Scripted Chart did not reflect the current language after switching
  • Script Chart page had two Javascript errors
  • Accumulated Fields picker did not show saved field items
  • Gauge chart always showed a maximum value of 100
  • Versions Release Dates chart displayed incorrectly in xCharts Gadget+ in Jira 7
  • In Jira 8+, charts' permissions were not set for users
  • xChart Gadget+ did not render the non live-parameter charts in their own gadgets
  • Gauge chart in Versions Release Dates chart showed incorrect tooltip