Replaces specific substrings matching a regular expression with a given replacement.

Use this function instead of replaceAll() or replaceFirst() if you want to have full control over the exact substrings you want to replace.

findModify(text, regex, replacement) #Output: Text

^% represents each of the matching substrings, and ^ represents the order of appearance beginning with 1.

Parser expressionDescription
findModify("JWT is the best tool!", "JWT", "Jira Workflow Toolbox") 

This example returns 

Jira Workflow Toolbox is the best tool!

findModify("The cure for boredom is curiosity", "[aeiou]", modulus(^, 2) = 1 ? toUpperCase(^%) : ^%) 

This example returns

ThE curE for bOredOm is cUriOsity.

This example checks for vowels in the given text and writes them into a list.

The output will be e, u, e, o, o, e, o, i, u, i, o, i

For each appearance it checks whether the position is an odd number (modulus).

If the position is an odd number the character will be converted to upper case using the toUpperCase() function.

e - modulus(1,2) = 1 -> E will be upper case
u - modulus(2,2) = 0 -> U will be lower case
e - modulus(3,2) = 1 -> E will be upper case


Long story short: Every second vowel will be converted to upper case!

Additional information

Parameters used in this function

ParameterInput (data type)Description


Any given text.


A valid regular expression that grabs all substrings to be replaced.


Any given text.

This function returns a TEXT