This JQL function returns projects with specific properties containing a date.

Quote-marks " must be used.

projectsWhereDateProperty(propertyName, operator, date) #Output: Text list
Parser expressionDescription
project in projectsWhereDateProperty("projectStart", ">", "2020/01/01")
This example returns a list of projects where the property called projectStart contains a date value greater than 2020/01/01, i.e. text {projectStart=2020/05/05'} is present in the project's description.
project in projectsWhereDateProperty("deadline", ">=", "-1w")
This example returns a list of projects where a property called deadline exists with a date value greater than a week ago.
Additional information

Parameters used in this function

ParameterInput (data type)Description


The name of a project property containing a text value.


A valid comparison operator.



The date to be compared with the date stored in the project property. 

The date must have a format of yyyy/MM/dd [hh:mm] or yyyy-MM-dd [hh:mm]


This function returns a TEXT LIST.

The result is not what you expected? The number of returned issues feels too low?

By default, the maximum number of issues that will be returned by the JQL subquery, and thus can be processed by the logical expression is 1000.

To ensure the performance of your entire Jira instance, we limit the execution of the JQL function in terms of issue count and execution time. Please refer to your admin if you need to change the configuration.