Admin Toolbox for Jira has been designed by Jira administrators for Jira administrators. The huge set of features was deliberately crafted to overcome the obstacles an admin is facing on a daily basis. 

Once you start using the app, you will be astonished, what you've missed out on for such a long time. This is a promise!


Workflow analysis and app usage report

Report on your workflow configurations and workflow app usage with the comprehensive Workflow report. The replacement or consolidation of workflow apps has never been easier!

  • Central information hub - have all workflow information and more in one place,¬†searchable & filterable.
  • Analyze usage - quickly analyze which elements have been configured in each workflow and even drill down to individual transitions.
  • Identify problems - detect errors in workflow configurations and jump right in to make edits and fix them.

Project Shuttle navigation

The Project shuttle takes Jira project navigation to a new level that all Jira users, not only administrators, can benefit from in their daily work.
The exceptionally lean and appealing navigation is designed to simplify the navigation between projects and to provide the structure and highlights to guide users to the information they need at hand - regardless of whether they just logged in for the first time or have been using Jira for years.

  • Seamless integration - navigate to Jira projects or any other custom link with just a few clicks. The dropdown seamlessly integrates with Jira's navigation bar.
  • Guidance - organize projects and custom links in a multi-level hierarchy using custom categories.
  • Look and feel - use custom icons for links and categories to visually differentiate them and set visual highlights.
  • Permissions apply -¬†of course, users will only see those Jira projects they have access to.

Troubleshooting made easy - log in as any other user

The easiest way to troubleshoot and test configurations is to test out scenarios as different users. With Admin Toolbox for Jira other user accounts are just a "switch" away.

  • Quick access - Use the shortcut "g+u" to quickly switch to any user you need.
  • Transparency is key - any user switch operation will be logged in the audit log to clearly identify any impersonations.
  • Security is crucial - by default only Jira system administrators can use this feature. Access to this feature can be additionally delegated to trusted groups.

Enhanced admin features and admin views

Admin Toolbox for Jira enhances almost each configuration page of the the Jira administration. The additional views and features are a must-have for anyone who takes Jira administration seriously. Dealing with each page in the administration is enhanced by Admin Toolbox for Jira for improved usability and better display of the information.

  • Smart view - instead of cluttered configuration overview pages, Smart view provides a condensed view of each element reducing the noise.
  • Filtering and searching - all configuration pages come with advanced searching and filtering capabilities to quickly find the elements that you want to update.
  • Additional information - vital information such as IDs or search templates are no longer hidden but¬†where they belong - in the spotlight.
  • Drag and drop again - no need to click 40 times to move a newly created status to where it belongs, the top of the list - simply drag and drop most of Jira's system entities like statuses & resolutions.
  • Clean up - Use the bulk delete feature to quickly clean up unused system entities on the spot.

Advanced global search

Shortcuts greatly reduce the time you need to find certain elements, that need to be checked or updated. The only shortcut you need is "g+x". The resulting popup is your future gateway to Jira configuration - this is a promise.

Unlike before, you are not limited to quickly navigate to configuration overview pages. Our Advanced global search you will let you jump directly to every system entity in the Jira instance. A dedicated custom field or a specific workflow - all configuration elements, projects and schemes are at your fingertips.

  • Advanced global search - Search through all system entities by name, ID or key.
  • Save time searching for projects - Each project configuration is just a click away.
  • Additional information at a glance - each element is listed with its ID, grouped under their respective configuration area.

Add some fun to workflow configuration

Managing workflows can be a tedious and complex endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. Admin Toolbox for Jira offers features that you didn't even know you would miss, such as:

  • Copy and paste transitions -¬†the entire transition or only parts of it -¬†from any active or draft workflow in your Jira instance to reuse them with a single click.
  • Drag and drop workflow elements - frustrated of manually having to update the order of conditions, validators, and post functions - one by one? Simply drag and drop the elements and you're done.
  • Rearrange transitions -¬†the opsbar-sequence property is quite powerful, but almost impossible to maintain. Simply drag and drop transitions to automatically adjust their opsbar-sequence value in an intuitive user interface.
  • Properties panel - workflow properties are essential but almost a hidden, error-prone feature. Now you can easily access and configure them in a dedicated panel with a built-in dropdown listing available properties.¬†

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.