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This post-functions allows to give format to current value of a field using a set of formatting operations

Example: Formatting issue summary and replacing contained terms

Now, let's see a configuration example for formatting issue Summary for removing undesired white spaces, capitalizing words and replacing the word "Client" by "Customer":

Once configured, post-function looks like this:

Configuration Parameters

Blanks trimming operations

  • Remove all leading white spaces
  • Remove all trailing white spaces
  • Leave only one white space between words
  • Remove all white spaces in the text 

Case changing operations

  • Convert all the characters to lower case
  • Convert all the characters to upper case
  • Capitalize all the whitespace separated words 

Find & Replace (literal strings or regular expressions)

  • Replace first found substring found
  • Replace all found substrings

Supported Field Types

The following field and custom field types can be formatted:

  • Text fields: Summary, Description, Environment, etc. Also Single-line and Multi-line text custom fields.
  • Versions fields: Fix Version/s, Affects Version/s and Version Pickers custom fields (single and multi select).
  • Labels fields: issue's Labels field and Labels custom fields.
  • Selectable fields: Select List, Multi-Select List, Radio Button
  • Cascading Select List

Usage Examples

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