This post function formats the current value of a text field using a set of formatting operations, such as trimming whitespaces or performing a search and replace.



Select the field to be formatted. Available field types are text, versions, labels, select list, radio button, multi-select list and cascading select list.

White space mode

Select whether to edit blanks (or whitespaces). The following options are available (multiple choice is possible):

  • Remove all leading white spaces
  • Remove all trailing white spaces
  • Leave only one white space between words
  • Remove all white spaces in the text
Case mode

Select whether to edit cases. The following options are available:

  • Do nothing
  • Convert all the characters to lower case
  • Convert all the characters to upper case
  • Capitalize all the white space separated words
Find and replace

Define whether you want to find and replace parts of the text.

You first have to define the fragments that you want to replace and afterwards specify the replacement. Both parameters can be specified using an expression in Basic text mode.

Find mode


Text (case sensitive)

The text to be replaced must exactly match, respecting the case. 
Text (ignoring case)The text to be replaced must match but the case will be ignored.
Regular expression (case sensitive)Specify the text to be replaced by a regular expression, respecting the case.
Regular expression (ignoring case)Specify the text to be replaced by a regular expression, ignoring the case.

Replace mode


Replace first occurrence

Only the first occurrence of the text will be replaced.
Replace all occurrencesAll occurrences of the text will be replaced.
Additional options

Choose to update issues immediately if you want Jira to fire a separate "Issue updated" event for any field change.  This will also result in a dedicated issue history entry.

Conditional execution

You can optionally specify a logical expression to define the circumstances (or conditions) under which the post function should be executed.

The result of the logical expression must return a boolean value of either:

  • true → the post function will be executed
  • false → the post function will not be executed

Using the conditional operator, even complex or multi-layered conditions can be constructed.

Make sure to learn more about defining logical expressions and browse through the various examples here: Logical mode

Use cases and examples

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.