[2016-06-20] Released Jira Workflow Toolbox 2.2.12

New Features

  • Added new parser functions:
toInteger(string s, string radix) : number returns the numeric value represented by the string s as a signed integer in the radix specified by argument radix.
Example: toInteger("ff", 16) returns 255.
findModify(string s, string regexp, string replacement_expression) : string list Returns a string like s, but where all substrings matching regexp have been replaced with the result of evaluating replacement_expression against each these substrings. Argument text_expression is an expression that returns a string, where ^% represents each of the matching substrings, and ^ represents the order of appearance beginning with 1.
Example: findModify("The cure for boredom is curiosity.", "[aeiou]", modulus(^, 2) = 1 ? toUpperCase(^%) : ^%) returns "ThE curE for bOredOm is cUriOsity.".
getAscii(number code) : string returns a string containing the symbol corresponding to a extended ASCII code (0 <= code <= 255).
Example: getAscii(65) returns "A".
isBulkTriggeredTransition() : boolean Returns true only if current transition execution is being triggered by Jira's bulk operation feature. This function is useful for bypassing validations or post-functions when a transition is being executed by a bulk update operation.
allAvailableItems(%{nnnnn}) : string list Returns a string list with all available options in select or multiselect field with field code %{nnnnn}. Disabled options are included.
Example: availableItems(%{00103}) returns a string list with all security levels available for the project and current user.
allAvailableItems(%{nnnnn}, string option) : string list Returns a string list with the available child options in cascading or multilevel cascading field with ID %{nnnnn}, and for option parent option. In the case of multilevel cascading fields, a comma separated list of options should be entered. Disabled options are included.
  • New virtual field "Jira base URL" that returns the base URL for current Jira instance.


  • Support for reading custom fields created by "Checklist for Jira" add-on. These fields cannot yet be updated using Jira Workflow Toolbox.
  • Issue #330 - Since version 2.2.12, functions availableItems(field_code) and numberOfAvailableItems(field_code) only consider enabled options. Until now this functions returned also disabled options.
  • Dynamic failure messages on validations: now validation's failure message can include field codes that will be replaced with their values in runtime.
  • Ephemeral string fields are now available in Author parameter on " Add a comment" post-function.
  • Several UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue #333: SECURITY XSS on 'View transition's configuration' page.
  • Issue 331: Tempo Account fields break after Tempo Timesheets 8.0. This issue has been partially fixed, since Tempo Account fields now can be read with Tempo Timesheets 8.x, but cannot yet be updated.
  • Issue #339: Writing on virtual field "New watchers" can fail in certain circumstances.
  • Issue #338 - Updated Event not being thrown when updating issues different from current one.
  • Function availableItems(%{nnnnn}, option) was failing.
  • Fixed minor javascript bug on validations' failure message.