The advanced text parsing mode is the most commonly used mode in JWT.

It comes with defined syntax that allows you to write JWT expression parser functions to read and manipulate data from any issue in Jira.

The advanced text mode supports field codes as well as free text, written in quotation marks "" and concatenated with the + operator. Learn more about Texts.

Example expressions

Parser expressionDescription
"This is the issue summary:" + %{issue.summary}

This example might return:

This is the issue summary: JWT 3.0 wording update

"The issue currently has " + {issue.subtasks.count} + " subtasks"

This example might return:

The issue currently has 3 subtasks

 sum(fieldValue({issue.timeSpent}, subtasks()))

This example returns a number representing the total time spent in minutes in all sub-tasks of current issues.

To achieve this, the following functions are used:

 "The man said: \"Hello!\"." # \ is used to escape the quotes

This example returns:

The man said "Hello!".

You can write your text in Basic text mode, and then switch to advanced text mode using the automatic parsing mode converter.

The text to be parsed will be automatically rewritten as a text expression. Now, you can simply make the modifications you require, making use of text formatting functions, or insert math or time expressions where needed.

To update issue fields, the parsing result will be cast to the expected value e.g. a user name will be cast to a user to update a user field like the assignee field.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.