Release date


Release type



Maintenance release

New features


  • Extended performance and special character support for the Update field based on rules post function
  • Better handling of small values within Calculated Number Fields with "Hide the field from the issue view if the value is zero" enabled
  • Added a warning message when testing expressions containing transition based field codes like %{issue.transition.comment}

Bug fixes

  • The datePart() function did not consider the timezone parameter
  • The time zone constants LOCAL and SERVER_LOCAL used the system's timezone instead of JIRA's default timezone
  • Field codes containing date values returned the configured date picker format instead of the default JQL format when used within a JQL function
  • The current user field code returned the user key instead of the username
  • The getNumber() function caused an error when trying to read a variable without a value
  • Insight's deprecated fields could not be updated anymore after updating to Insight 8.4.0+
  • Field option or component names containing commas or dashes were not evaluated correctly
  • Customer request type was not set correctly when being selected via drop-down
  • Configured transition names containing special characters were not preselected when editing a Transition issue post function
  • E-mail validation didn't allow to define multiple e-mail addresses within the Send email post function
  • Single-select custom fields could not be set within the Create issue action
  • The Update field action could not be edited having an expression configured