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Release type



Issue searching 2.0 - run powerful parser expressions to refine your JQL queries

New features


  • Improved handling of the Customer Request Type field for several post functions
  • Improved form validation for editing validators, conditions and post functions
  • Improved usage of logging levels regarding the evaluation of calculated fields
  • Introducing anonymized app metrics

Bug fixes

  • Validation on linked issues was missing the Epic option
  • Setting the security level did not work properly for subtasks created by the Create issue post function
  • Setting a select list (multiple choices) with the value of a select list (single choice) did not work properly
  • Certain parser expressions could lead to corrupted Configuration Manager snapshots
  • Adding issue links with a conditional execution could break the create issue edit screen
  • The textOnIssueList() function was not working properly when used in the Update or copy issue fields post function
  • Updating an Insight Referenced Object custom field did not work properly
  • Deleting the user that created an automation rule could break its configuration screen