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Use case

Jira can be perfectly used to communicate with your customers, e.g. by using Service Management or dedicated projects.

It is also possible to create issues via email. But in this case the created issues always belong one specific project.

In the following use case, emails sent by one of our key account customers will be automatically moved to the corresponding project.

Every key account customer is part of the group key-account and every key account company has one dedicated project within Jira with a project key corresponding to the email's domain.

Make sure this post function is the last one on your post functions list.


Add the Move issue post function to desired workflow transition.


Choose Set project manually (parser expression)


Set it to advanced text and use the following expression:


This expression grabs the domain from the reporter's email address and transforms it to upper case:

Email addressReturn value

So for every key account there must be one dedicated project with the corresponding project key.

The used expressions are

Issue type

Choose Retain the issue type


Choose Retain the status.

Conditional execution

Enter the following expression

isInGroup(%{issue.reporter}, "key-account")

By using the conditional execution, the created issue will only be moved to the correct project, if the reporter is a key-account customer.

The used expression is isInGroup().


If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.