With Space Admin for Confluence, copying spaces has never been easier! you can copy a space with all its content, data, and permissions.

Copying a space is only possible when there is at least one space added to the Space Admin Browser.

After selecting your desired space, it can be copied by:

  • Clicking on edit and copy
  • Clicking the copy button
  • Pressing C
  • Using the content menu


See the following screencast for a better visual explanation:

If just a subset of pages should be copied, the pages have to be selected to be copied individually. By default, all pages will be copied.

It is also possible to copy pages from one or more spaces by selecting the pages with a Ctrl+left click. The selected pages will be highlighted in blue.

Choosing one of the above mentioned methods will open a popup configuration window.

Mandatory parameters are the name and a key for the new space. There will be a suggestion for a name made up of the original name and a suffix: (Copy).

Use the available options to configure what should be copied.

Click Copy Space to create a copy of the selected space in your Confluence instance. The new space will show up in your Space Admin Browser afterward.

To save time and get things done quickly, check the following page for helpful shortcuts.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.