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SINCE VERSION 1.4.2, this feature allows checking which permissions a user or a group has in Confluence spaces, and additionally it possible to grant those space permissions to another user or group.

The Permissions Browser is located in the Space Admin navigation toolbar in the Administration and is only visible to Confluence Administrators.


In order to see permissions of a user or a group, select the appropriate radio button and search for a user/group.

Clicking the "Show" button will load the permissions for all existing spaces where this user/group has permissions set.

Copying space permissions to a user/group

The page will display all spaces where the previously selected user/group has permissions set, like in the screenshot above.

Copying the permissions in the desired spaces is easy:

  1. First check the check boxes for all spaces where the user/group should have the same permissions
  2. Then add the new users/groups in the "Copy space permissions" section and click "Copy".

The user/group will have the new permissions set in the selected spaces.

Existing permissions will not be deleted.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.