Space Admin for Confluence is an app which offers several ways to manage spaces including pages, attachments, blogs, and much more.


Content management

What would you say if we told you that access to all your Confluence content, including users and their permissions, was just a keystroke away? Simply hit 'b' on your keyboard and gain instant visibility through the powerful Space Admin Browser. 

  • Single point of information - The Space Admin Browser is your central gateway to access all relevant Confluence content: Pages, versions, attachments, labels, restrictions and even comments.¬†What was previously scattered across a number of places now has a single, consolidated home.
  • All content operations bundled - browse through spaces and manage, create, edit, copy and delete content from one central place for maximum efficiency and ease of use.¬†
  • Advanced operations - rearrange your page tree using drag & drop, replace text in certain pages and content while copying a page to multiple spaces at the same time. Space Admin makes it possible.
  • Permissions - make the Space Admin Browser available to everyone or restrict its access to space administrators, groups or specific users.¬†Anyways, we think it's true what they say: the more, the merrier.

Space administration & publishing

While content management involves everyone, we did not lose sight of the special tasks and requirements for space and system administrators. Granted the appropriate permissions, the Space Admin Browser provides additional, advanced functions for handling spaces or basically any kind of content.

  • Don't forget about restrictions - managing page restrictions has never been easier. Instantly view or update page restrictions across multiple pages or entire spaces with just a view clicks.
  • Customizing spaces - rename a space, set a new homepage, copy page templates or edit space permissions for one or multiple spaces on the fly. Even check the group members as you go.¬†You still haven't left the Space Admin Browser!
  • Bulk editing - from restoring content to renaming and adding prefixes to multiple pages. If you can access it, you can manipulate it.
  • Publishing & templates - publish content to multiple spaces, convert pages to blog posts or copy prepared page trees or spaces.¬†Support your personal publishing workflow in no time.

Space Shuttle navigation

The Space Shuttle takes Confluence space navigation to a new level that all users, not only administrators, can benefit from in their daily work.

The exceptionally lean and appealing navigation is designed to simplify the navigation between spaces and to provide the structure and highlights to guide users to the information they need at hand - regardless of whether they just logged in for the first time or have been using Confluence for years.

  • Seamless integration - navigate to¬†spaces or any other custom link with just a few clicks. The dropdown seamlessly integrates with Confluence's navigation bar.
  • Guidance - organize spaces and custom links in a multi-level hierarchy using custom categories.
  • Look and feel - use custom icons for links and categories to visually differentiate them and set visual highlights.
  • Permissions apply -¬†of course, users will only see those Confluence spaces they have access to.

Permission browser

Take the pain out of permission management by using the Permission Browser. Onboarding users, changes to your user group structure and maintaining permissions in Confluence becomes incredibly convenient and straightforward.

  • Gain insights - review all space permissions given to users and groups - selectable from a single dropdown.
  • Expand user information - switch¬†between permissions granted directly to a user or granted through group memberships.
  • Maintain¬†consistency - copy the complete set of space permissions to any other user and group in one go.

Attachment Cleanup service

Content in Confluence is meant to be enriched with various forms of attachments to make it really amazing. The drawback is the increasing need for disk space over time. The number of attachment versions tends to grow infinitely.¬†Space Admin for Confluence provides a service to regularly take care of removing unwanted and outdated attachment versions.

  • Easy to configure -¬†Schedule recurring jobs or run them manually as needed, and for even more control over the outcome you can preview the results of a job.
  • Set the scope - restrict cleanup jobs to specific spaces, pages or attachments for the highest level of flexibility and resource-friendly operations.
  • Pick a cleanup mode - it's up to you to decide¬†to keep only a specific amount of attachment versions or to remove any version that is older than a certain number of days.

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.