System and custom fields that can be used within the context of sumUp

All number fields(tick)(tick)(error)
All Text custom fields (including custom fields that have the property "custom" set to true)(tick)(info) See below(error)
Select custom fields (including single select, multi-select, cascading select)(tick)(info) See below(tick)
Checkbox custom field(tick)(info) See below(tick)
Work ratio(tick)(tick)(error)
Issue key(tick)(error)(tick)
Original estimate(tick)(tick)(error)
Time Spent(tick)(tick)(error)
Σ Time Spent(tick)(tick)(error)

Remaining Estimate

Σ Remaining Estimate(tick)(tick)(error)
Linked issues(tick)(error)(error)
Third-party app fields


Check out this page for further information.

In the Filter Results (by sumUp) all fields can be displayed.

Fields that can be summed up

Currently, all fields that return a value that can be cast to a number (integer or double), e.g.

  • 2
  • 3,7
  • 5.1

can be summed up within the gadgets (a total will be displayed in the sum row).

If you still have questions, feel free to refer to our support team.